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Lea Lee Inoue is the NPOTY, Nature Photographer of the Year, Portfolio Winner for 2021. She has wins in several international competitions including NANPA, North America Nature Photographers Association, Chromatic awards and Share the View Competitions. She studied Film and Tv at Columbia College and after graduation went on to work in the Chicago commercial industry for many years. Her recent days are spent photographing the beauty of the desert in Arizona, the state where she now lives. Lea is happiest traveling with her camera in hand, using her photography to share the beauty of nature and unique cultures of the world. 

Artist Statement
I believe photography is art and that art is simply a reflection of the photographers life state. What I mean to say is, the moment an image is taken, that photographers life condition is engraved into the photo. If ‘art reflects life’ then a person life state, how they are feeling, happy, joyous, elevated or perhaps angry, distracted, sad will also show. The same is true for calmness compared to busy mindedness, it all come through in an image. I’d like to think of photography as a metaphorical mirror that reflects us. I endevour to be in a spiritually good space when I set out to shoot. I often wake up hours earlier and make time to meditate upon my subject. This slightly esoteric approach is how I enter into shooting. From there I trust that I can use my skills effectively, find my subject in the best setting and share their beauty with others.  ~Lea Lee Inoue


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